Kaz Software Introduces a New Model for Early Stage Software Startups to Go to Market – Press Release

Kaz Software offers early stage startups the opportunity to get their product to market within their budget.

November 30, 2020 – Kaz Software a top software development consultancy based in Dhaka, Bangladesh has announced a completely new model for engagement for early stage startups. Kaz has been working with software startups for the past sixteen years. Over the years it has seen that early stage startups find it extremely difficult to take their product concept to market without significant investments. Yet, most startups need a prototype application to pilot the concept and gather enough data to approach investors. Kaz’s new model of engagement with early stage startups will reduce this barrier to entry for the startups.

The newly introduced model with a tag line – “start up don’t burn up” provides startups a staged path to create their prototype. As the first stage a free wireframing phase is jointly carried out which results in a slide deck and a specification for the product. The startup can use this visualization to approach investors and communicate their product idea better. This is followed by a paid development project that aims to develop only a single major feature of the product.

The startup then uses the slide deck and the early prototype to seek funding. If the interest and the feedback from funding sources show promise then Kaz invests its own time and resources to build the next stage of the product either in exchange of equity or as a loan to the startup. This incremental style of development helps build out the software product in stages letting the startup gather the data and the analytics it needs to create its business case and strategize on the need to seek funds or arrange cashflow.

More information can be found at https://kaz.com.bd/founders-power

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