Free Social Networking Platform AgFuse Releases New Tools and Upgrades for Agricultural Professionals

BLENHEIM, S.C., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Created as a free platform exclusively for farmers and other agricultural professionals, AgFuse has introduced major new features including AgAnswers and The Leaderboard to help community members share information and build solid networks.     

AgAnswers is a new question-and-answer feature designed to give members the customized advice they need. Members can post their individual questions on the platform and can control who sees this content: everyone, followers only, or members of a specific group. Members can even ask questions anonymously and can also send requests to specific experts for their answers. Within AgAnswers, community members can upvote or downvote answers to help the best feedback rise to the top.  

The Leaderboard is a scoring system to highlight active community members and their valuable contributions. Scores are determined by a combination of quality posts, articles, and comments published on AgFuse. In addition to having an overall ranking, there are also subsections to recognize contributors who focus on specific categories such as peanuts, cover crops, or cattle. All of these categories can be accessed on the main Leaderboard landing page. There are also various Leaderboard-related panels throughout the platform including on the homepage, profile pages, and category pages.

Other recent improvements include expanded settings options so members have more privacy, redesigned onboarding pages and Quick Post sections to make joining and posting easier, and behind-the-scenes optimizations to give members a better experience overall.

Agricultural journalist Lauren Manning reported, “AgFuse is a good reminder not only of the infinite possibilities for technology’s role in agriculture, but of how technology can go a long way towards bringing people together.” 

About AgFuse

AgFuse was created to provide the farming community with a free and easy-to-use social media platform, which now has nearly 5,000 members worldwide. Through AgFuse, agricultural professionals can ask questions, publish research, share stories, promote useful products, and form valuable business associations. In addition to the AgFuse website, the company offers the AgFuse app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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