Business Insider names top 36 public relation experts in technology

  • Tech companies have no shortage of PR needs, whether it’s handling crises like antitrust concerns or promoting a new product.
  • Business Insider identified 36 top public relations pros working in the tech industry.
  • They include names from venture capital firms, SaaS companies, startups, established PR firms, and small agencies.
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Tech companies are often in the news for issues ranging from antitrust concerns to unsavory content proliferating on their platforms.

But besides tamping down crises, these companies also need to promote their products and drive sales.

To do that, they turn to public relations professionals to win over journalists and pitch stories.

Business Insider identified 36 of the top PR pros working in tech. They represent everything from tech giants and enterprise software companies to startups and small agencies.

The list includes well-known Silicon Valley PR’s like Ash Spiegelberg, partner and head of the San Francisco office for Brunswick Group, who one journalist said is “easy to talk to, always on the pulse of what’s going on with the highest-profile tech companies, and won’t mislead you.”

There are also rising stars like Daniel Roberts, a policy communications manager at Facebook, who helped oversee the social media company’s push to register 4 million voters, and agency entrepreneurs like Ayelet Noff, who runs SlicedBrand, with clients like blockchain organization IOTA Foundation.

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