Believe and ramble. Life and reflections’, the book where Jeff Bezos explains how to sell anything on the Internet

The richest man in the world and owner of Amazon , Jeff Bezos , will put on sale on November 19, around the world, his new book called “Create and Divaga. Life and Reflections of Jeff Bezos ” , where the businessman tells how he made his fortune and formed his e-commerce empire.

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At the beginning, the businessman sold a limited number of products in his catalog, among these were books, music and videos, however, he received a message that would change his vision of the business.

The phrase that had a significant impact on his career was “I wish they sold windshield wiper blades, because I have to change them now,” written by a customer in his virtual store, as noted in his book. This comment was a trigger for him to grow successfully. It was at that moment when he perceived the opportunity and possibility of selling anything online.

In the book they appear from family memories to the keys to his most important business decisions, in the same way he tells the reason why he left the investment fund in which he worked in 1994 to be able to found his own company.

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Today, Amazon distributes 10 billion items a year globally, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week / Image: Amazon


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The entrepreneur points out the relationship between failure and innovation, given that multiple companies confirm that innovation is promoted, but failed experiences are not counted.

There is also a space in which he touches on the subject of customer service and his desire to make Amazon “the most customer-oriented company in the world.”

Bezos selected Amazon’s name by reading the dictionary, he chose to call it that because he considered the Amazon an “exotic and different” place, a plan he had contemplated for his store, since he planned to make it the largest in the world.

Other important aspects that he reveals in his book are his strategy in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, curiosity about space exploration, his conviction of the virtues of capitalism, concern for the environment, his social work and philosophy of long-term entrepreneurship. .

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